About the Snyder Athletic Hall of Honor:
Established in 2004, the Hall of Fame honors the men and women who, for decades,
built the proud legacy of Snyder Athletics that we wish to honor and preserve for the
sake of future Tigers.

From 1915 when basketball was the athletic program to the first football teams
in the 1920s - to today, when our athletic teams include football, basketball, volleyball,
baseball, softball, golf, tennis, track and cross-country, individual athletes, coaches
and teams have created a reputation of playing hard and challenging all competitors.

The Hall of Honor provides a lasting tribute to the athletes, the coaches, the special
supporters and fans, who built and supported our traditions.

Current Hall of Honor Committee Members:
Larry Scott, Chairman
Shawn Ragland
Glenda Boyd
Larry Scott
Tommy Doyle
Trent Driggers
Steve Rich
Rose Ragland
Coach Wes Wood
Scott Crenwelge

By the way, the photos at the top of these pages are photos of Snyder High School teams from 1915 and 1929!